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North Queensland lifestyle continues to draw buyers from southern States

A Melbourne couple have traded in the hustle and bustle of city life and relocated to Townsville for a sunnier home base, less traffic, more trees, and greater bang for their buck as they build their new home.

After building their first home in Melbourne four years ago, Christy and Thi decided they wanted return to Townsville’s laidback and quiet lifestyle.

“I lived there [Townsville] for three years as a student and love it there, so decided I would come back one day,” Christy said.

“It wasn’t very hard for us to choose an estate in Townsville. We wanted an area that’s not too far from the city centre and could give us the lifestyle we wanted for ourselves.”

“The Reserve is close to everything. It is within 10 – 15kms from the city, close to shopping centres, it’s affordable and it’s in nature. I like to live within nature, I love trees.”

Comparatively, Christy says the value for our investment is more appealing in Townsville.

“Our Melbourne home is a similar build to our Townsville home, only smaller and more expensive. The land here in Melbourne costs more, for the same square metres. For example, land would be $600,000, whereas the same land in Townsville would cost $200,000.”

Urbex Realty General Manager, Craig Covacich, says it is becoming common for families to review their lifestyle and housing options in the current economic climate, and a move to a region is top of mind in the consideration set.

“Regional markets such as Townsville offer a stable employment base, a relaxed lifestyle and affordable housing. The regions continue to remain more resilient than capital city dwelling markets,” Covacich said.

“Since the rate hiking cycle commenced in May, monthly value changes have averaged -0.8 per cent across regional Australia through to January, compared to -1.1 per cent in the capitals.

“Townsville currently offers an attractive median value for housing of $373,738 compared to a median value for our combined capital city markets median of $771,579.”

The couple are also looking forward to seeing more bang for buck in life and at work. As disability care workers, Christy and Thi would travel from house to house to help their clients in their own homes and the journey would take almost an hour to travel.

“Whilst we were 50km from the city, the clients we supported lived between 20km from our house, but the traffic being so bad, the trips could be anywhere between 45 – 50 minutes,” Christy said.

In addition to the traffic, Christy is excited for a weather change and the benefits it will bring to her family’s lifestyle.

“I am most excited about the weather; it will be nice for walks, exercise and exploring the surrounds. It’s really cold or really hot in Melbourne, there’s no in-between.”

The Reserve Townsville at Bohle Plains is conveniently located and offers spacious level house sites, open space, landscaped parklands, waterway corridors, and walking and cycling trails, all of which are designed to create a peaceful balance between work and play. Conveniently, large shopping malls, amenities, an entertainment district, sporting arenas, and more are all within a 5-minute drive.

Published: The Courier Mail 19/05/2023 ‘Christy Truong and Thi Tran make move from Melbourne to Townsville’ (article link)