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St Benedict’s Stage 1 – Road & Intersection Upgrade

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Highly anticipated by parents in the community, the newly announced St Benedict’s secondary school extension and surrounding road and intersection upgrades are set to provide a seamless school commute for those living, and looking to purchase at The Reserve.

Commencement has well and truly begun on the St Benedict’s school extension alongside the Stage 1 - Road and Intersection upgrade. In Stage 1, we will see an external road and intersection upgrade in conjunction with the St Benedict’s secondary school extension!

This upgrade is set to provide additional widening of the Dalrymple Road near Bishop Putney Road with a cross road, complete with turning lanes and signals. The upgrade is nearing completion with the road already sealed, line marked and signposted, ready to accommodate smooth vehicle movements and provide an additional steady flow and ease of traffic throughout this area. 

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Whilst these upgrades are underway, temporary access road to the school has been set up and is ready for use. This access road has been established at the intersection of Greater Ascot Avenue and Dalrymple Road, to providing additional ease to students and parents throughout this upgrade. 

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