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This just in – latest updates and upgrades at The Reserve

With busy schedules and so much happening in the community, it's important to stay connected and informed about the events and activities taking place around The Reserve. Here are the most recent updates!

Footpath Closure: Enhancing Connectivity for The Reserve (completion of works now due end Sept 2023)

The footpath outside The Reserve estate is undergoing an upgrade! This 1.6km footpath network will not only connect our community to Hervey Range Road but will also include improvements to two footpath connections under the ring road overpass, providing direct access to our other Urbex community, Kalynda Chase. Residents will soon have easy access to the fantastic facilities available in the Kalynda Chase Estate, including the Kalynda Chase Tennis Centre, which offers a range of programs and events for tennis enthusiasts. Kalynda Chase Regional Tennis Centre / Kalynda Chase Tennis Centre - BOHLE PLAINS | Tennis Australia

Digital License App: Embracing Innovation in Our Postcode-  Facebook

Exciting news for our residents in the 4817 postcode! The Queensland Digital License App is now available for trial in our area. This innovative app aims to streamline licensing processes, making it more convenient for residents to manage their licenses digitally. Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate in this trial and experience the benefits firsthand.

St. Benedict's School Intersection Upgrade: Preparing for Expansion

In anticipation of the expansion at St. Benedict's School, an intersection upgrade is underway at the corner of Dalrymple Road and Bishop Putney Avenue. This enhancement will help accommodate the school's growth and ensure a smoother flow of traffic in the area.

Public Bus Route - Kalynda Chase

A new public bus route has launched, connecting Kalynda Chase (with 3 stops along Kalynda Parade) direct to Willows Shopping Centre (Thuringowa Central). This convenient bus service provides a link to many essential services such as the city, hospitals, and James Cook University. As The Reserve community grows, a future direct service will be achievable from The Reserve. Further infrastructure works are also underway which will provide a walkable connection to Kalynda Chase, increasing connectivity.